Canada West Mechanical Ltd. has many years of experience meeting and exceeding our customers goals.

We provide innovation solutions with highest quality workmanship for all your refrigeration and process needs. We are a leader in the field of custom refrigeration systems and specialize in both Ammonia and Freon applications.

At Canada West Mechanical Ltd. we have many years of experience working with businesses of all sizes from small reach-in coolers to entire process plants with multiple zones of refrigeration. The knowledge we’ve built up from years in the field is transferred to each project we undergo, ensuring the highest of standards in every installation we carry out. Our fully qualified engineers design and fit your units, providing you with fast and efficient workmanship resulting in refrigeration systems to suit your needs. On completion of installation, comprehensive commissioning tests are carried out to ensure your new system is working perfectly.

We give you a fully bespoke commercial or industrial refrigeration system using the leading manufacturers, enabling you get a fully functional system that is specific to your property.

This completely customary refrigeration system is designed to optimize efficiency throughout your facility to ensure a balanced and even temperature.